Kelsey Watts (she/her)

It is Kelsey's goal to guide you into your healing journey through that which she has learnt along her own journey. She believes that the healing journey does not end. It transforms and changes as you grow, heal and better yourself. Allow her to help you to help yourself.

"My parents did the best they could with the knowledge and experience they had, as we all do. I love and deeply appreciate them for all that they are. I come from a family of separation, numbing the pain, rather than processing the traumas. I suppressed my own trauma for 20 years, just as I was taught. Until I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Amrita Living Yoga in Peterborough. This training was with Tiina Kivinen and Ally Boothroyd of the Kripalu lineage, holding space both in Peterborough and Bobcaygeon. 

Please see the links below to learn more about my Yoga mentors. 

I have since been working through my trauma, finding ways to continue my healing journey, blossoming into the woman I know I am meant to be. Finding my voice, my power, my truth, my authentic self.

I have been teaching at the YMCA of Central East Ontario once or twice per week while attending other yoga teacher's classes to continue the student experience and learn.

Through the first lockdown, I had many thoughts about virtual yoga but was not ready to jump in, until December. Then came Worthy Truth Wellness, my current virtual studio offerings, bringing me so much joy and bliss to be able to assist you in moving your body during these uncomfortable times."

~ Kelsey Watts

Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping

"From the end of 2020 into this January, I have studied Level 1 and 2 Tapping online with Dream Awake through Jennifer Partridge. This has taken me further into my healing journey, linking so many current issues back to this childhood trauma."

~ Kelsey Watts

This technique is majorly involved with deep love and self-acceptance toward any issues you are dealing with, energetically, emotionally, even physically. 

Emotional Freedom Technique; Tapping your way through deeply rooted issues. Finding that root cause and giving it love and acceptance, in turn, healing yourself.

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