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Events and Announcements

See what Worthy Truth Wellness has been involved with and has planned for the near future.


Energy Healing Guidance

Work with Kelsey to begin or continue your healing journey.

Kelsey is now offering gentle guidance in your healing journey. She is certified in Reiki, Tapping and Yoga. Kelsey is fond of working with the Chakra Energy Centres, Somatic Exercise and learning about all ways of working with energy. 

Call or text Kelsey to explore the idea of working together and in what capacity. 

Yoga Stretches

Hastings Yoga Session

Past: March 21-May 9
- Summertime Gazebo Yoga 2022 and 2023
- Fall session Oct 24-Dec 12 2022
- Winter session Jan 17-Feb 28 2023

Join Kelsey in the Gazebo in Hastings through the summer months for a gentle yoga class. Take this time out of your day to be present with your body, mind and soul. This yoga is gentle, flowing with breath with guidance inviting you to listen to your own body.

Womans circle.jpg

Norwood Woman's Circles

Root yourself in community and connection
The first Tuesday of the Month

Why Attend Circle? - Attending a women's circle monthly is the act of self-care you didn't know you needed:
Leave feeling connected, nourished and revitalized, having gained new information, new friendships and a new sense of support. 


Chakra Workshops:

1. Yoga Retreat, Norwood Library: April 16, 2023 Successfully complete

2. Norwood Women's Circle: May 2nd, 2023 Successfully complete

3. Muskoka Women's Camp: May 15-17 2023 (Check out Soul Full Camp Events via Link below) Successfully complete

4. Rocky Meadows Lavender: July 9th 2023 CONTACT KELSEY OR KARA PIELS Successfully complete

5. Soul Full Camp: Sept 29-Aug 1st, 2023 - See Soul Full Camp link

6. Soul Full Camp: Sept 6-8, 2024

Contact Kelsey if you require these contact's info.

Aligning the Chakras Through Movement and Meditation

Join gentle Yoga teacher Kelsey Anne Watts as she guides you into a deeper understanding of each Chakra, through movement and art.

In this nurturing yoga workshop, Kelsey will be helping you to better recognize the light and shadow aspects of the Chakras within yourself. She will guide you into yoga poses that aid in supporting each of the seven energy centres. Kelsey will invite you to locate emotions within the body and use the breath to process and allow them to flow through you.

Finally, she will guide you through a small intuitive art project to connect you further with the Chakra you are meant to be working with going forward. Expand your knowledge, and find balance and clarity in this informative and beautiful yoga practice.


"Kelsey's Chakra Yoga workshop was amazing. Her gentle yoga positions, information on the chakras, and guided meditations were exactly what I needed for my body, mind and spirit. I felt so aligned and centered after the class, looking forward to doing it again!" Jenny McKee, Soul Full Camp

tree pose.jpg

Yoga in the Lavender
July 2023 Fridays 10 am 
June 30 until August 4th, 2023

Rocky Meadows Lavender Fields

Classes took place on Friday mornings at 10 am for 1 hour in the beautiful lavender fields through July 2023. We entered into a safe space of compassion and non-judgement, reconnecting with body, mind and soul. 

Mats, water bottles and stretchy clothing are required. 

Inquire by contacting Kelsey below.

Yoga Child's Pose

Kelsey is in the very early stages of writing a Children's Book Series

This series will be a tool for parents to teach their children about their bodies, consent, sex and sexual abuse in age-appropriate chunks of information, building on each age group. 

If you or anyone you know would be interested in connecting to discuss this endeavour, please connect with Kelsey. 

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Links to Kelsey's Contacts

Siera Jane Grace

Siera is a Sacred Sex Coach who guides women in reconnecting with their sexual energy and feminine bodies. She is a Cosmic Sexuality certified instructor, a body neutrality published author and an all-around embodied sex goddess. Her goal is to lovingly provide a safe space for women to become comfortable with learning about and returning to their bodies and talking openly about their pleasure. While imparting ancient wisdom and practices to aid women in healing womb and Yoni trauma.

Baily Baptie

A safe space for self-care, self-love & self gratuitude. The first step starts with you. Watch for Baily's "Follow me to the farm" series! She is so excited to be able to share her two favorite things together! Dates and locations will be shared very soon!

Ginger Roots Creative
Kara, Desma and Beri

Our goal at Ginger Roots is to create a safe and nurturing space where women of all ages can come together to connect, learn and evolve while sharing on a body, mind and soul level; surrounded by nature. Together, this community of like-minded women who share a deep connection with Mother Earth will raise each other up and endeavour to live in complete alignment, as we journey together towards out highest potential.

Rocky Meadows Lavender

Our mission is to give you the best lavender experience possible. We are dedicated to providing the best quality in all of our products for your satisfaction.
Our goal is to move further toward sustainability by gradually phasing out plastics and using more earth-friendly packaging.

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Please, Give Us Your Feedback

How did you feel after attending a Yoga class??

Please tell us how you felt at the end of class and how your evening or day went thereafter. What was your favourite part?

Thanks for submitting!

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Here’s what the people are saying...

Family Yoga

“My three children and I have been really enjoying weekly Family Yoga! Kelsey has been wonderful at adapting to where the group is at, and including points of interest for all family members. The storytime, in the end, is a perfect way to calm down and settle our bodies and minds for bed. 

Thank you from the Crough Family”

The Crough Family

Thursday Evening Yoga

“She felt like you really genuinely created a space where she felt free to participate in the parts she wanted and leave anything she didn’t. She participated in it all anyways but she’s always been a bit intimidated by the yoga community but just felt comfortable with you <3”

A friend of a friend

Yoga over Zoom

"Kelsey offers a wonderful, gentle flow with no pressure to have your camera on. It's so easy to just do your own thing if a pose feels great. I've done a few online classes but hers was the most welcoming and calm."


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