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Finding my Niche

Updated: May 14, 2021

I’ve been searching within myself to discover my niche, my calling, that which I am here to offer. Yoga, movement, mindfulness and present moment awareness is a huge part and also has a very large reach.

I believe my niche is to work deeper, with those who have similar pasts to myself. I’ve been through childhood trauma and my story was not believed. At 8 years old, they thought I made up the disgusting actions of an incredibly inappropriate man and situation. This shattered my innocence and my belief in myself, my confidence, my self esteem. But I am taking it all back. Slowly but surely. Digging deep down to the roots of all of my own problems and short comings. I am here to heal myself. My family lineage and to help you heal yourself and your family lineage. I am a deep believer in this healing journey.

I began my journey with attending yoga classes and then decided to take my teacher training where I had big realizations about how I needed to do a lot more work on this childhood trauma. It may have been the first time I admitted that it was trauma. I’ve since tried a few various modalities and all have brought me a bit further into my healing journey. Included but not limited to the 29k app, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique - tapping, talk therapy, sharing experiences with friends and so much more.

In conclusion, I am here to heal myself, heal my family lineage and help lead others to heal themselves and their past. Please join me, if you're feeling called in diving deep with yoga and tapping work.

A heartfelt image of a woman holding her fist to her heart, gazing into the sky, surrounded by yellow flowers. Strength, courage, open heart, love.
Still, I Rise

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