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What is happening with the World Today?

It is so upsetting to see how people are being pulled apart right now. Media is creating a divide amongst us and we're falling for it, hard. What we need in this world is more love, acceptance and understanding. You don't really know another person the way that you know yourself so how can you expect them to have the same opinions, thoughts or beliefs as yourself? Every single one of us is so very different. Trust this.

Stop forcing your opinions on others. Stop demanding others to do what you think they should do. Let it be. Our world and the people in it are imperfect. We are human. We are learning every single day. We are unlearning every single day as well, if we chose to. We've been brought up in a society that wants to divide us in every way they can... Gender, race, sexual preference, age, medical status and more. We are all human. Let us be kind to one another and not attacking, discriminating, hating, dividing and judging.

The amount of stress and overwhelm I've been dealing with is intense and unnecessary. I'm so tired of seeing people attack and belittle one another online, just being awful. Stop spreading hate. You can have a meaningful conversation, even a debate... without being mean for the sake of being mean. Please think about this....


Your stressed out Yogi, Kels


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