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Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping

Updated: May 14, 2021

My experience thus far, with EFT Tapping has been incredible. I have only just begun my Tapping Journey November 2020. I believe I watched and participated in about 2-4 videos of Jennifer Partridge guiding Tapping online before deciding, WOW. I need to guide humans through this experience so that they can work on healing themselves!!

We are in desperate need of healing at this time. Major, world wide healing. I, along with many believe that when you begin to heal yourself and share about your experience, the healing is almost contagious. This is what I want. I want to share my experience and inspire others to heal their deep seeded wounds, traumas and even physical pain.

I am discovering that it is all connected. The physical body and all layers of the body; breathe and energy body, emotional body, wisdom and bliss body. That which effects our emotions can effect the physical body.

Awaken to your truth with Worthy Truth Wellness Yoga, meditation and emotional freedom technique, tapping. Expand your mind, your heart and your awareness.
Worthy Truth Wellness

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